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GRP Lamination

GRP Lamination (GRP)

GRP lamination or GRP lining is the most recomented way to any surface contact with water. We are providing GRP Lamination for water tanks, GRP pipes Joint lamination ETC...

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GRP Delivery Boxes

GRP Delivery Box

We are manufacturing GRP Bike Delivery Boxes.

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GRP Panel Tank

GRP Panel Tank

#1 GRP panel water tank supplers in UAE. We are leading the market with korean made GRP panel tank. we are suppling hot press and cold press panels according to market requirement.

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GRP Planter Box

One of the our leading products are GRP Panter Box. These Panter Boxes are constructed with GRP Technology which are durable and Strong.

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grp ladder

GRP Ladder

GRP Ladders are safe to use, slip resistant low maintenance and easy to installation. we are manufacturing different range of GRP ladder according to customer requirements. GRP ladders are low maintenance and durable to use.

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GRP Water Tank in UAE

GRP Enclosures

GRP Enclosures are using electrical housing and boxes which are light weight and robust.

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Years of experiance, thousands of customers make us market leader in GRP industry. We are dealing different products which are GRP swimming pool, GRP grating, GRP Ladder, GRP water tank, GRP Chemical tank, GRP sewerage tank, GRP septic tank, GRP cover, GRP shutter, GRP planter box, GRP lamination, GRP lining etc...

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No.1 GRP Tank Manufacturers and Suppliers in Abu Dhabi. As an ISO certified company we ensure our GRP product quality, safety and standered.

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GRP Planter box

GRP planter boxes are boxes constructed with fiberglass products, which makes GRP Box stronger and more compact.


GRP Lamination

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) using to lining or lamination of surface of products. Which is helps to protect from rust, leakage etc.…


GRP Water Tank

We are manufacturing Fiberglass GRP water tanks in different dimensional it includes 500 gallon, 1000 gallon, 2000 gallon, 5000 gallon, 10000 gallon tanks.


GRP Panel Tank

What is grp panel tank or water tank? there are mainly two types of panel tanks hot pressed panel tanks and cold press panel tanks.


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